Condo concierge greeting tenant at front desk

To help enhance our customer service experience and drive employee engagement, we are pleased to announce a new role for your Business Administrator Babita Prakash, who will now be responsible for team and community engagement.

The coronavirus pandemic has taken a huge toll on all of us. On that, we can all agree. But it’s also presented new opportunities to build stronger connections with our clients and team members. For a security company in a highly competitive market such as the Greater Toronto Area, that’s extremely important. More so, it’s critical to continually enhance the client service experience here at Wincon Security, while building on already strong employee culture.

The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the importance of communications and collaboration. As our clients faced unprecedented challenges ranging from new social distancing-related security requirements to full facility closures or capacity limitations, our team demonstrated their ongoing commitment and dedication to service excellence. That we have a highly engaged group of security professionals was no surprise. But the way they stepped up to serve our clients and meet their quickly evolving needs was truly inspiring. Still, they, like our customers, have endured widespread disruption overly nearly two years. Restrictions will likely remain in place into the foreseeable future, so they’ll continue to be tested on a daily basis.

At the same time, many of our clients are only beginning to recover from the worst of the pandemic’s financial malaise. They not only need reliable security service, but they’re also relying on our management teams to provide proactive consulting on everything from integrated security solutions to condo concierge security coverage or property guarding strategies to keep their people and assets safe.

In response, we’re taking steps to empower our team to be even better. The person who will help drive that initiative is Babita Prakash, our Business Administrator, who will now assume added responsibility for team and community engagement.

Daily team touchpoints

Babita is the ideal person to assume this important new role for several reasons. With more than four years of experience at Wincon Security, she has a keen understanding of our client’s needs, along with the composition of our workforce and the communities that they help to protect every day. She also has more than 20 years of industry expertise and widespread knowledge about the ins and outs of security solutions delivery.

Perhaps most importantly, she’s a wonderful communicator who takes the time to listen. Her empathetic touch and focus on both process and effective motivation are integral skills in this role because Babita will be tasked with engaging and supporting our front-line staff. We want to remind them that they’re both appreciated and have management’s ear, either via Babita or their direct supervisor, no matter the work-related challenges they may be facing.

“As we near the 30th anniversary of our company, I’m very excited to find new ways to better serve our clients and to provide the very best career experience possible to our security professionals and support staff.”

Leading the way by listening and engaging

Babita will be responsible for working with our leadership team to:

  • Ensure that each team member has the tools and resources to fulfill their roles. In addition, she’ll work to ensure that they’re also fully comfortable in their workspace and environment. Whether at our office or at a client site, we want to remove any potential barriers to their workplace success.
  • Provide a safe working environment. That’s especially important when our team members are working at commercial or industrial facilities, or even public-facing settings, where tensions have occasionally risen throughout the pandemic. Our guards are fully trained to manage conflict situations, but we want to remind them that we’re as committed as ever to ensuring they can always do their jobs safely.
  • Encourage staff to share ideas and concerns directly with their immediate supervisor or our leadership team. One of the drivers of Wincon’s nearly 30 years of growth and success has been our ability to constantly innovate and enhance our service experience. Our team members are a critical source of insights and information from the field, and we need their assistance to continue improving our service offering. Babita will help facilitate that steady flow of information.
  • Promoting teamwork and collaboration. That this already happens on a daily basis is a testament to the strength of our employee culture. But Babita is excited to take that feature of our work experience to the next level. She’ll be encouraging our team members to share ideas among themselves, to exchange real-time information and to help nurture each other’s career development.
  • Recognize each other’s achievements. One of our goals for 2022 is to ensure that when a member of our team does a great job, their hard work and commitment to excellence is acknowledged. So, Babita will be actively encouraging our team to recognize great work and to report it to her, their supervisor or a member of our leadership team. We’ll be honouring outstanding performance in various ways throughout the year.
  • Promote Wincon’s culture. That could mean sharing the word with friends and prospective employees about what a great working environment we’ve built, why Wincon is the right place for them to work or why they should engage with our recruitment team to learn more about our work experience and compensation packages.

As we near the 30th anniversary of our company, I’m very excited to find new ways to better serve our clients and to provide the very best career experience possible to our security professionals and support staff. We have a very big year ahead and I know that with Babita at the helm, our dynamic new employee engagement initiative is in great hands.

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Winston Stewart, President and CEO
Wincon Security