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When it comes to securing your property, there’s no substitute for the physical presence of an in-person security guard. Our mobile security guard service offers an affordable, flexible, and trusted option for organizations that don’t have the budget to employ full-time guards across their facilities.

Designed to give you peace of mind without the added cost, our mobile patrols are an effective way to enhance your existing security systems. Our specially trained guards, enhanced training for support personnel and vehicles equipped with cutting-edge GPS tracking technology make Wincon Security one of the top mobile security guard companies in the GTA.

Experienced Mobile Patrol Security Guards

Why Wincon Security?

Wincon Security mobile patrol security guards are specially trained in emergency response techniques and have extensive expertise in using life-saving safety equipment. Our support personnel receives enhanced training to handle even the most challenging circumstances.

Plus, all our vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking technology that provides real-time reports outlining the time of patrol and response duration. Our mobile patrol security guard services ensure that your security dollars are well spent.

As a trusted mobile security guard company, our services include:

  • Property patrol and monitoring to keep your facilities, staff and customers protected
  • Parking lot patrol and enforcement to ensure authorized access only
  • Prevention of vandalism, theft and monitoring of suspicious activity
  • Site and safety inspections
  • Emergency alarm response and reporting
  • Access control to screen visitors as they enter and exit the premises
Mobile security guard standing by the car
Mobile security guard sitting in a car

What Makes our Mobile Security Guard Services Unique?

As a mobile security guard company, our services are designed to provide a high-impact security presence through the use of professionally-marked and equipped vehicles. Our cars are operated by uniformed, licensed security guards who are fully briefed and trained on your organization’s customized security strategy. Rely on our comprehensive mobile patrol service to cover all aspects of your commercial and residential property security needs.

Our best-in-class mobile security guard services include:

  • Affordable and flexible mobile security to suit your needs and budget
  • Enhanced security systems with highly-skilled guards
  • Mobile patrol guards with extensive experience using life-saving safety equipment
  • Support personnel with enhanced training to handle emergency situations
  • Patrol cars equipped with GPS tracking technology that provide real-time reports

How We Deliver Mobile Security Patrol Services

Other mobile security guard companies are often more focused on filling guard hours than offering exceptional security services. At Wincon Security, we’re committed to providing a unified and service-led approach to our security solutions.

While working with Wincon Security, you’ll experience the following advantages:

  • Rapid response times—Our mobile guards take a solutions-oriented approach to your security requirements which allows them to respond to situations quickly and effectively
  • A relationship-based partnership —We’re committed to building genuine relationships with our clients, and we’re proud to say we’ve had clients on our books for 30 years, from the very date our company was founded
  • High staff retention rate —We hire our guards carefully and make sure to recognize performance and treat our employees well to ensure staffing consistency for your business
  • Excellent employee training—Our mobile patrol security guards are carefully trained on your procedures and systems to keep your people and property safe
  • Cutting-edge technology—As an integrated solutions provider, we deploy the latest security technology and tools to safeguard your people and property
Mobile security guard on the way to his car
Security guard on a move

Mobile Security Guards You Can Rely On

Our mobile security guard teams are trained to spot potential risks before they pose a threat to your property. This includes highlighting access point vulnerabilities, early detection of potential trespassers or thieves and identifying flood and fire risks around your property. Wincon Security is focused on providing a turnkey security experience for our clients, so you can focus on managing your property.

The Wincon Advantage


We provide mobile security guard services to established businesses across the GTA and Southern Ontario. Our goal is to offer a full range of professional and customized security services tailored to their security needs.


For more than 30 years, we’ve provided clients with clear direction and leadership based on extensive industry experience, operational expertise and our ability to deliver effective mobile security solutions.


We focus on effective communication across every client engagement. By acting with the highest levels of integrity and providing first-class service, we’re able to offer high-value mobile patrols services for our clients.

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Frequently Asked Mobile Patrol Questions

How much does mobile patrol cost?

Pricing for mobile patrol services can vary significantly. Our sales team works with commercial and residential property management companies to customize a fee proposal based on their security requirements. As a top-rated mobile security guard company, our goal is to ensure they have the coverage they need, with a focus on exceeding the level of service provided by other mobile patrol security companies in the Greater Toronto Area.

What are the two types of security patrol?

The two main types of security patrol are foot patrol and vehicle patrol.

Foot patrol is conducted on foot and is an essential form of patrolling as it enables guards to effectively assess a site at the ground level. Foot patrol enables guards to identify potential security incidents like open windows, jammed doors, trespassers, flooding and fire risks.

Vehicle patrol is conducted in a vehicle and is predominantly used on larger sites. These vehicles can be cars, golf carts, bicycles, etc. This type of security patrol enables guards to cover a lot of ground in a short period of time, especially when an immediate response is required.

What does a patrol security officer do?

For most security guard companies, the primary tasks for patrol security officers are surveillance, patrolling, entry control, policy enforcement, and general crime deterrent.

Two mobile security guards in their car

Let’s Discuss Your Mobile Security Needs

As a trusted mobile security guard company, we want to help protect your property with a customized security strategy and service program. Reach out to us today to learn about our approach to delivering mobile patrol security and our other security offerings, from virtual monitoring and loss prevention to commercial security and emergency response planning.