Security Guard Services

Our fully responsive security guard services are designed to keep your people and property safe while delivering the best possible customer service experience. We’re recognized as a leading security company in Toronto because our security guards are fully trained prior to deployment. You can rest assured knowing they have the knowledge and skills to handle virtually any situation, from on-site emergencies to disaster recovery. Whether you’re looking to prevent loss in your retail store, require reliable condo concierge team for a residential complex or need dependable security coverage for your office or commercial building, Wincon Security guards are ready to serve.

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Our Approach to Security

Understanding your security needs is our goal at Wincon Security. That means conducting a full risk assessment that identifies challenges and highlights opportunities for risk avoidance. We’ll assess your building access points, areas of vulnerability, proprietary information, product and personnel specifications to learn all that we can about your people, property and assets. From there, we’ll develop a comprehensive security guard service strategy designed to address your operational needs and performance expectations.

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Our Security Guard Services

  • Asset, information and personnel security
  • Condominium concierge security
  • Legal use of arrest and use of force
  • CPR and First Aid training
  • Fire prevention and protection
  • Retail security and theft prevention
  • Internal theft investigations
  • Resumption of business and disaster recovery
  • Effective communications
  • Race and ethnic relations
  • Resumption of business and disaster recovery
  • Sociology and child psychology

A proactive approach to security guard services

Our security guards are trained in proactive risk mitigation. That means they’re responsible for highlighting any issue that becomes evident in the course of their on-site duties. If it could result in unnecessary legal or civil liability across your retail, condominium, institutional, commercial or educational property, our security guards are trained to observe, record and report the problem. That could be as simple as a burnt-out light in a stairwell or an icy sidewalk that creates a significant slip-and-fall risk. Whatever the risk, our turnkey security guard service experience is designed to resolve the issue.

The Wincon Advantage


We don’t merely provide security guard services. We’re a trusted partner to our clients, and we’ll do whatever it takes to address your issues and ensure your satisfaction.


With more than 30 years of industry experience, operational expertise and history of providing reliable security guard services, Wincon Security offers effective strategic insights tailored to your needs.


By acting with integrity, being responsive and treating our employees and clients like family, we aim to elevate the security guard service experience.

Frequently asked condo concierge questions

What are the different types of security guards?

Security guard services come in many forms including condominium concierge security guards, retail security guards, patrol guards, industrial and commercial security guards and more. In other words, there is a Wincon security guard to suit your every operational need.

How much does a 24-hour security guard cost?

The cost of our 24-hour security guard services will vary based on a range of factors. They include the number of security guards required, the features of the property that requires protection and a number of other criteria. Our sales team is available to provide a quote.

Do security guards have to identify themselves?

All Wincon Security guards receive full pre-deployment training before being assigned to a client site. That includes client relations and communications, and a review of their legal requirements as security professionals. Our licensed security guards are fully uniformed and will always self-identify as Wincon employees/security professionals in whatever setting they happen to be working.

Is a security guard considered law enforcement?

Security guard services are complementary to federal, provincial and municipal police services. Security guard contractors and security guard agencies are not considered law enforcement, per se, but they do play a key role in helping to secure people, property and assets for a wide range of private and public clients.

Does a security guard have the right to search you?

In Canada, a security guards’ authority and powers are restricted to limitations as outlined in applicable federal and provincial legislation. As the Ontario Ministry of the Solicitor General notes on its website: “Security guards have neither police nor peace officer powers. They have the same powers as any member of the public under the Criminal Code.”

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