Emergency Planning and Preparedness for Commercial Properties

From fire and floods to natural disasters and workplace violence, disaster can strike a business at any time. If an emergency does happen, is your organization prepared? Do supervisors, senior team members and staff know what to do? Who to call? More importantly, does your company have a written emergency plan in place?

At Wincon, we take a holistic approach to emergency preparedness. Our consultants analyze and review potential risks to your property, people, and assets, then devise a plan that will advise your people how to react in the event of a disaster or emergency.

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Comprehensive emergency response planning and training

Why Wincon Security?

Preparing for an emergency is critical to the safety and security of your property. But few commercial property owners are ready to respond to these events, and in our experience, fewer than 10% have a well-defined emergency preparedness and disaster response plan (EPDRP) in place.

Our emergency response training services offer the most innovative emergency preparedness and disaster response planning tools available. From the latest technology to the site-specific training of our security guards, we conduct a thorough review of your operations to protect critical infrastructure, while mitigating the risk of litigation or penalties due to any perceived planning negligence.

Our emergency response training includes:

  • Asset identification and valuation
  • Threat assessment
  • Vulnerability & risk assessments
  • Legislative and insurance compliance assessment
  • On-site emergency response and planning training
  • Development of post-incident stabilization plans
  • Emergency communication strategy development
  • Emergency security guard training
  • Emergency and disaster preparedness guide development
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“Wincon security is a responsive and time-efficient team to work with; especially during unexpected emergency situations. They always support and respond to my calls even with short notice. I really appreciate their service and trust them immensely.”

Tracy Lin, Property ManagerMSQ Realty Inc.
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“Wincon has been 100% dedicated to our company and they’ve serviced our property for nearly 15 years. Anytime we have a request, they complete it thoroughly, quickly and efficiently.”

Brenda Hooper-Rowland, Operational ManagerJohnson Village

What makes our emergency response training services unique?

Our focus on comprehensive and proactive planning helps cut costs, improve efficiency, and develop actionable strategies to proactively address catastrophic incidents and minimize the impact on your organization.

Wincon offers the following emergency response training services:

  • Identify & Analyze: Analyzing risk and identifying potential hazards to key business assets and critical infrastructure
  • Plan & Prepare: Developing a customized emergency response strategy that addresses business continuity challenges
  • Train & Respond: Training staff to be ready to deploy a comprehensive incident response plan in case of emergency
  • Pre-deployment training of our security guards on each site’s emergency preparedness plan
  • Recover & Resume: Taking pre-defined measures to minimize an emergency’s impact and restore full business operations

How we deliver emergency response planning and training services

We realize every property is different, so the first step we take is to develop a plan that is tailored to the specific needs of your organization by our emergency preparedness consultants. If your building is in a known flood plain or tornado-prone area, your plan will reflect those potential risks. The activities conducted on your premises as well as how many tenants work or live on-site will also be addressed in your custom emergency response plan.

At Wincon Security, we follow six guiding principles to design a robust and effective emergency response plan:

  • Assess all potential risks to the business
  • Ensure full legislative and insurance compliance
  • Consult with appropriate first responders
  • Train all security staff on systems and procedures
  • Develop a plan to stabilize any emergency situation
  • Communicate the plan to staff and partners
  • Practice and implement the plan with your team
CEO Winston Steward

Winston Stewart, Founder & CEO

An emergency action plan you can count on

While it is critical to have an emergency response plan in place, it’s even more important that the plan is implemented correctly. This means communicating the details of the plan to staff and conducting drills so that in the case of an emergency the action plan is executed properly. Our emergency planning process helps organizations properly deploy and maintain an emergency action plan to avoid any unnecessary loss of life or damage to property in the event of an emergency, as well as to help mitigate legal and financial losses.

The Wincon Advantage


We’re committed to building genuine relationships with our clients. Our goal is to provide a full range of industry-leading emergency planning services tailored to your needs.


We provide clients with innovative direction and leadership based on more than 30 years of experience, operational expertise, and a track record of delivering exceptional security services.


We deliver our emergency planning process with a focus on quality and communication. With every client engagement, we’re dedicated to working alongside you as a long-term partner in your security and success.

Frequently asked emergency planning and preparedness questions

What is emergency preparedness?

Emergency preparedness refers to measures organizations take to prepare for and reduce the effects of disasters. This involves predicting, preventing, and mitigating the impact these events have on their people, property and assets and responding to their consequences.

What are the five steps of emergency planning?

There is a standard five-step framework to help minimize risk and respond effectively to a crisis when dealing with emergency preparedness.

The five steps of emergency planning are:

  1. Identifying hazards and analyzing risks
  2. Prevention and mitigation
  3. Preparedness and response
  4. Recovery and continuity
  5. Evaluation and continuous improvement

What is the importance of an emergency plan?

An emergency planning process is critically important for organizations because it promotes safety awareness and demonstrates the organization’s commitment to the well-being of its people and property. Not having an emergency plan in place can lead to severe losses such as casualties and financial collapse of the organization. Since emergencies are almost guaranteed to occur, a defined emergency plan is necessary.

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Let’s discuss your emergency action plan

As a trusted emergency response training company, we want to help protect your property with a customized security strategy and service program. Reach out to us today to learn about our approach to delivering emergency planning processes and our other security offerings, from virtual monitoring and loss prevention to commercial security and emergency response planning.