Remote Video Surveillance Monitoring & Virtual Security Systems

Our virtual monitoring services provide a cost-effective security option that can help reduce costs without compromising security. Of course, virtual monitoring has a number of benefits that go far beyond bottom-line savings. Our integrated technology solutions provide 24-hour protection, help mitigate the risk of civil lawsuits, reduce losses and offer the flexibility to easily monitor multiple sites across the country from one convenient location. Video access is also available directly to our clients; a secure online feed can help you keep eyes on your assets whenever and from wherever you choose.

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Our Approach

Our trained professionals actively will actively monitor your property for criminal activity, emergencies or systems failure. From event-driven and access control monitoring to urban crime prevention and virtual attendant services, our customized solutions can accommodate and benefit virtually any business type and size, all while reducing your security costs. Our virtual monitoring services:

  • Help detect and prevent crime in progress
  • Identify threats in real time
  • Provide live audio intervention
  • Dispatch police with video verification
  • Provide real-time updates and images to responding authorities

The Wincon Advantage


We’ve forged strong partnerships with the industry’s top suppliers. Our goal: to provide a full range of professional and personalized technology solutions tailored to your needs.


We provide clients with innovative direction and leadership based on our more than 25 years of industry experience, operational expertise and ability to deliver effective security services.


We focus on quality and communication across every client engagement. Consider us a long-term partner dedicated to safeguarding your commercial property and assets.

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