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Choosing commercial security systems for your property piecemeal can result in serious inefficiencies and gaps in service quality and delivery. From a lack of compatibility between hardware systems (CCTV, DVRs, card access, intrusion alarm systems, etc.) to having to train security staff on multiple systems, these disparate solutions can wreak havoc on the effectiveness of your security strategy.

Wincon’s integrated security system solutions enable property managers to implement a more unified, robust and effective approach to protecting their business.

Delivering powerful integrated security systems

Why Wincon Security?

Time spent overseeing multiple security systems is time not spent managing your property. Wincon Security helps property managers optimize their security measures through powerful integrated security system solutions. When you work with us, you’ll have a single point of contact for all your security needs, which means you won’t waste time managing multiple supplier relationships.

What’s more, as early adopters of security technology and systems solution integrators, we use the latest cutting-edge technology in our security toolkit. From high-definition cameras and biometric identification and verification systems to card access systems and industry-leading security software, our integrated security system solutions offer up best-in-class tech to help clients stay one step ahead.

Our integrated security system solutions include:

  • High-definition TurboHD and IP cameras
  • Video management software
  • DVRs and NVRs
  • Security alarm systems (Intrusion systems with remote phone access)
  • Biometric identification and verification systems
  • Card access control systems
  • Two-way wireless communication
  • Entry-phone systems (emergency call stations)
  • Commercial, retail, and residential alarm monitoring
  • ULc-certified fire panel and sprinkler monitoring
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Fire sprinkler

ULc fire panel & sprinkler monitoring services

Wincon Security is proud to be ULc (Underwriters Laboratories of Canada) certified installers of fire panel and sprinkler monitoring equipment.

This certification means we can supply and install ULc-approved equipment that monitors your existing fire panel and sprinkler system with an approved ULc monitoring alarm station. Simply having ULc certified equipment alone does not mean the system is certified; it must be installed by ULc certified installers.

If you’re located in a jurisdiction that requires ULc certification on fire panel and sprinkler monitoring, we take care of all the associated paperwork. After each installation, we apply to ULc for proof of certification, and we manage the annual auditing process with ULc on your behalf.

We also monitor all equipment per ULc standards, even when a ULc certificate on the installation is not required.

What makes our integrated security system solutions unique?

Staying on the leading edge of technology helps us lower costs, improves efficiency and reduces risk for managers of retail, commercial, condominium, office and industrial properties.

Our technology-driven systems are also highly compatible and connect seamlessly, and our security officers are familiar and well-trained on our software. If you do run into any issues, there’s only one number to call, and our support team is incredibly knowledgeable and always ready to help.

The advantages to choosing our integrated security system solutions include:

  • Custom security designs and equipment lists tailored to your budget
  • Technical expertise and guidance for selecting a security system that meets your needs
  • Dedicated project management to oversee the installation from start to finish
  • Client site visits to ensure the project is following Wincon standards and procedures
  • Complete integration of physical security and security technologies from assessment to design and delivery
  • Intrusion alarm systems with remote access from your smartphone or internet
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Security guard virtual monitoring
Security system installed on a parking
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How we deliver integrated security system solutions

Our team is committed to offering the most innovative security technology available to our clients. We do this by attending trade shows, conducting research into new tools and software and staying in close contact with our suppliers to learn about the newest security solutions on the market.

Our commercial security systems include:

  • Rapid response times— Our team takes a solutions-oriented approach to your security requirements allowing us to respond to situations quickly and efficiently
  • A long-term partnership —We build long-lasting relationships with our clients, and we’re proud to say we’ve had clients on our books for 30 years, from the very date our company was founded
  • Low staff turnover — Our meticulous hiring process means we employ the right people for the job, and because we recognize performance and value our employees, we have a high retention rate which ensures staffing consistency for your business
  • Excellent employee training— Our team undergoes rigorous training to ensure they are up to speed on your specific procedures and systems to keep your people and property safe
  • The latest security technology—As an integrated solutions provider, we deploy the most advanced security software and tools to help your business stay one step ahead

Industry-leading integrated security technology

Technology has rapidly transformed commercial security systems, offering sophisticated new tools designed to keep your property and assets safe and secure. By building strong partnerships with suppliers across North America and beyond, we have access to high-tech equipment capable of meeting virtually any security need you might have.

Frequently asked integrated security questions

What is an integrated security system? And how does it help me?

Integrated security systems are a type of multi-layered system that connects physical security officers and technology-based security components. These systems can include audio-based intrusion detection, alarm notifications, commercial access control, fire and smoke detection, and video monitoring, to name a few.

Integrated systems can help by providing a single system to manage all security components. This ensures each service is speaking to each other and sharing information. It also helps that staff only need to be trained on one system. Lastly, technical support is also managed through a single point of contact. All of this helps save time and money and ensures a more effective security solution for your business.

What are the components of an integrated security system?

The four primary components of an integrated security system are surveillance (such as cameras and video analytics), access control (for gates and parking lots), intrusion detection (like securing windows, doors, and other areas) and security officers and concierge personnel.

Do security guards have to identify themselves?

An integrated security management system seamlessly connects security components such as surveillance systems, access control and intrusion detection and links them together in a single system enabling central operation from one application. Combining data from multiple components makes the integrated system more intelligent and effective and allows for a more effective security solution.

What is the difference between biometric identification and verification systems?

Even though both biometric identification and verification systems use methods to identify whether users are who they claim to be, they are slightly different terms. Biometric authentication is the process of comparing a user’s live identity (using traits like a fingerprint, facial features or iris scan) to their biometric template saved in a database. Biometric verification, on the other hand, is the process of validating a user’s official ID documents. Usually, this verification procedure happens only once – a person just needs to validate their official identification document before being given access to a specific system.

The Wincon Advantage


We’re dedicated to building successful partnerships with our clients, suppliers and vendors and to providing a full range of integrated security services tailored to their needs.


With more than 30 years of industry experience and operational expertise, we’ve got a proven track record of helping guide clients on the best security solutions for their business.


Our team is focused on effective communication and exceptional service. By never compromising on quality, we’re able to offer high-value integrated security services to our clients.

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Integrated security system solutions for your business

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