Wincon’s security guards are provided with a wide variety of training in-house. Guards start by being on- boarded with Wincon specific policies, procedures and programs in addition to receiving Wincon’s Security Operations and Foundations Training. This is followed by site specific training when they receive their assignment. Some client sites require further mandated training such as Fall Protection and WHMIS.

We have over 250 guards and we continue to grow.

All of our services are customized to fit the needs of our valued clients. The majority of our arrangements are long-term, however, we will do our best to provide clients looking for short-term contracts with solutions that will meet their immediate needs and provide for a mutually beneficial relationship.

Wincon Security is a full service dealer/installer of a variety of types of security systems. Typically, home installations are built around surveillance cameras and alarm systems including alarm monitoring. Residential clients may also require our Mobile Patrol service, which provides a strong visual security presence, deterring “would-be” criminals from approaching the property.

All Guards are required to obtain a Security Guard License approved by the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services and in order to be eligible for a license, applicants must have a clear criminal record. Some clients do request that our guards go through their organizations internal enhanced police record checks and our guards are more than willing to comply with these requests.

We have a progressive discipline policy in place for all staff including our Guards. If a Guard is not performing, we will follow the appropriate steps to provide feedback and/or take disciplinary action in efforts to improve performance. In the event that a Guard continues to demonstrate poor performance, they will be removed from the client site and corrective action will be taken.

Wincon Security is a privately owned, proudly Canadian company, founded in 1992 by Winston Stewart.

We provide customized solutions based on our client’s needs and would be happy to discuss which of our services might be suited to your requirements. A proposal outlining details of the required service and the associated rates will be provided once the discussion has been had and an assessment has been completed.

Wincon Security currently provides manned guard services in the GTA region including Hamilton, Newmarket and Oshawa. We can provide systems installation depending on our client’s requirements and we are not limited by geography in this regard.

Wincon Security has grown steadily over the years, through client referrals and without advertising. This controlled growth has allowed us to concentrate on building partnerships with our clients. They rely on our ability to consistently deliver quality services. One of the best references we can offer, is that we continue to serve the same clients year after year, many of them since we commenced operations in 1992. Our clients include municipalities, utilities property managers, developers, condo corporations, major retailers and more!

Wincon Security has a lower Guard turnover rate as a result of our deliberate intention to foster a culture of support and inclusiveness. Our Guards receive a higher than average pay rate and our Operations Team makes every effort to accommodate their life schedules. When a Guard does leave our employment, their duty is taken up by a Guard that has been pre-trained on the particular facility.

Wincon Security performs a complete assessment of a potential clients’ facility and consults on their specific requirements. The details of a Guard’s duty are the result of our having tailored a custom protocol for that facility. Guards are selected and deployed, based upon their suitability for a given assignment. Training is an ongoing process that continues after the award of a contract. Our Operations Planning Manager ensures that all personnel directly involved with the client’s facility, are pre-trained on, and continue to train on, the site protocol. Additional Guards are pre-trained as time goes on to ensure the adequate depth of available personnel for the client’s facility.

Wincon Security utilizes a variety of tools to maintain the quality and integrity of our services. • A Site Supervisor as well as a Security Guard can be assigned to a client’s facility. • Unsupervised Guards can expect random visits from our Mobile Support Service Officers. • A facility’s own surveillance system can be used to employ our “Virtual Guard” service, bringing virtual supervision to an otherwise unsupervised Guard • “Guard Tour” patrol verification, checkpoint system, can be installed, to ensure patrols are properly and fully executed • “Condo Control Central” condominium management software, brings efficiency and oversight to the daily management of amenities, resident parcel tracking, visitor parking and more!

Wincon Security Guards that are chosen for concierge duties are selected based on a set of core competencies established for this role which include customer focus, building trust and respect, and accountability amongst many others. They receive additional training centred on striking the balance between ensuring the safety and security of the facility while providing congenial supportive, assistance to the residents in their home.

Wincon Security has a long history of providing event service and crowd control to a variety of organizations. We have serviced a wide array of events, from functions at high schools and sports facilities, to events at company parties and transit facilities. We’re proud to have been selected as sole provider of security service for the Markham Jazz Festival, several years running.

At Wincon, we are dedicated to maintaining the highest
standards of integrity, workplace conduct, employment standards and business ethics.