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Condominium managers often struggle to find condo security companies that do what it takes to understand their property. They’re left to deal with poorly-trained, unreliable guards that show up late, out of uniform—and even fall asleep on the job. Many security providers are unable to manage even the most common issues, from fire alarm response to documenting slip-and-fall incidents.

We believe condominium owners deserve better. That’s why our condo concierge teams are trained to deliver the best service experience possible.

Condo concierge services made easy

Why Wincon Security?

Because every property has unique needs and requirements, our condo concierge teams take pride in being flexible and adaptable when serving management companies, landlords and residents. We offer clients the reliability and accountability they can depend on.

The benefits of our services include:

  • Customized condo security risk assessments and security strategies tailored to your property
  • Guards that are fully trained prior to deployment
  • Condo concierge teams that are matched to clients based on fit
  • Guards trained in reactive response, including report writing and site-specific emergency response protocols
  • Proactive communication including daily reporting and detailed incident logs
Condo security guards on a staircase
reception security greeting a tenant
Condo security team checking the staircase

What makes our condo concierge security service unique?

Our condo concierge programs are built to deliver the very best in condo security and customer satisfaction. Our teams are carefully screened and specially trained to manage the unique security needs of your condo property—all while serving with a level of professionalism and accountability that’s unparalleled in our industry. Our condo concierge security services include:

  • Building access control
  • 24-hour security system monitoring
  • Delivery management
  • Emergency response assistance, including alarm monitoring
  • By-law and complaint enforcement
  • Property, common area and parking patrols
  • Tenant move-in/move-out supervision

How we deliver condominium concierge services

While other condo security companies may focus on simply filling guard hours, we’re dedicated to providing exceptional service. Our condo concierge teams are passionate about what they do and it shows. They meet new challenges with a smile and a determination to find the right solutions to our clients’ challenges. Here’s why you should choose Wincon Security for your property:

  • Rapid response times—Taking a solutions-oriented approach to your condo concierge security requirements allows us to manage situations quickly and effectively
  • A relationship-based approach—We partner with our condo concierge clients, some of whom have relied on Wincon Security for 30 years, from the very date our company was founded
  • Low staff turnover rate—We hire carefully, recognize performance, and focus on condo concierge retention to ensure staffing consistency for your property
  • Effective employee training—Our guards are carefully trained in your systems and procedures, ensuring they keep your people and property safe
  • Leading edge technology—As an integrated solutions provider, we deploy the latest security technology to deliver the protection you need
Condo security guard assisting a guest

A proactive approach to mitigating condo security risk

Our condo concierge teams are trained to spot potential risks before they pose a legal threat to your condominium or a hazard to residents. That could be as simple as highlighting likely slip-and-fall risks, poor lighting, or recommending technology solutions to enhance monitoring. We’re focused on providing a turnkey security experience, so you can focus on managing your condo property—leaving the rest to us.

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Frequently asked condo concierge questions

What does a condo concierge do?

A condo concierge is the first person you encounter when you enter a condo—and the last person you see when you leave. The service they provide is an essential part of the tenant or guest experience. Our professional and friendly condo concierge teams receive specialized residential training that includes building evacuation procedures and emergency situation management, customer relations and mechanical systems operation.

What is typical pricing for condo security?

Pricing for condominium concierge services can vary significantly. Our sales team works with condominium property management companies, landlords and condo boards to customize a fee proposal based on their unique condo concierge requirements. Our goal is to ensure they have the coverage they need, with a focus on exceeding the level of service provided by other condo security companies in the Greater Toronto Area.

What makes Wincon the best condo security company in Ontario?

It starts with training and an exceptionally engaged employee culture. Many condo security companies rely on novice guards and have high employee turnover. Our condo concierge teams are committed to providing engaged and responsive service, while our guard certification and training services ensure that our employees are ready to do their job the minute they arrive on site.

How we deliver condominium concierge security services?

What does it take to deliver an exceptional condo concierge experience? For 30 years, the answer at Wincon Security has been the same: We treat our clients’ properties as if they were our own, we’re always there when they need us, and we go above and beyond to put a smile on condo residents’ faces.

The Wincon Advantage


We forge strong relationships with building managers, condo boards and residents. Our goal: providing personalized condominium concierge services tailored to your needs.


We provide clients with innovative direction and leadership based on our more than 25 years of industry experience, operational expertise, and ability to deliver effective condo concierge services.


We focus on quality and communication with every client engagement. We’re not just your service provider—consider us a long-term partner dedicated to safeguarding your condo security.

Security guard pointing direction to the guest

Let’s discuss your condo concierge security needs

We want to help protect your property with a customized strategy and service program. Reach out to us today to learn about our approach to delivering condominium concierge services and our other security offerings, from virtual monitoring and mobile patrol to security integration and emergency response planning.