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Each year, Canadian businesses lose more than $5 billion to crime, including internal and external shoplifting. This loss eats into profitability and makes it incredibly challenging for loss prevention managers to safeguard inventory and create a safe environment for their customers and staff.

The need for a qualified retail security services partner that understands the challenges and threats that face your business is critical. We’re dedicated to helping you mitigate security risks by using highly-trained staff and the latest cutting-edge digital tools and strategies to protect your operations.

Trusted loss prevention services

Why Wincon Security?

You want a partner that can quickly and effectively detect suspicious shopping habits, identify potential shoplifters, and keep your operations secure. Our loss prevention team is made up of in-store uniformed guards and undercover and plainclothes agents who are expertly trained to reduce theft by shoppers and staff. We also offer corporate loss prevention consulting to help your company develop shrinkage control programs, training programs and implement organizational reviews.

Our retail security services include:

  • Retail security risk assessments & security strategies tailored to your business
  • Qualified guards that are fully trained prior to deployment
  • Loss prevention teams that are matched to clients based on fit
  • Guards trained in reactive response, including report writing and site-specific emergency response protocols
  • Proactive communication including daily reporting and detailed incident logs
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Security guard calling security partner on a walkie talkie

What makes our loss prevention services unique?

Our loss prevention services are designed to minimize retail loss while maximizing client satisfaction. Our teams are carefully screened and specially trained to manage the unique security needs of your retail business. We offer our services with a level of professionalism and accountability that’s unparalleled in our industry.

Benefits you’ll experience from our retail security services include:

  • Loss prevention consulting with qualified and experienced experts
  • Customized training programs tailored to the needs of your business
  • Reviewing and optimizing security policies
  • Customized shrinkage control programs designed for your organization
  • Internal corporate security investigations and health checks
  • 24-hour facility monitoring and analytics

How we deliver loss prevention services

We’re focused on delivering an exceptional level of service to our clients. While other security companies focus on filling guard hours, we’re committed to offering a holistic and integrated approach to our security services.

You’ll experience the following advantages while working with Wincon Security:

  • Rapid response times—Taking a solutions-oriented approach to your loss prevention requirements allows us to respond to situations quickly and effectively
  • A relationship-based partnership—We’re focused on building long-term relationships with our clients, and we’re proud to say we’ve had clients on our books for 30 years, from the very date our company was founded
  • Low staff turnover rate—We hire carefully, recognize performance, and focus on employee retention to ensure staffing consistency for your business
  • Effective employee training—Our guards are carefully trained on your systems and procedures, ensuring they keep your people and property safe
  • Leading-edge technology—As an integrated solutions provider, we deploy the latest security technology and tools to deliver the protection you need
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A camera caught a suspicious person on video

A proactive approach to mitigating loss

The best way to reduce retail loss is to prevent it from happening in the first place. That’s why we help our clients take a 360-degree view of their security needs. There are two main steps we urge our clients to take that will help prevent incidences of theft both internally and externally. One is by building stronger relationships with workers to reduce turnover and minimize the likelihood of internal theft. The other is training staff to provide high-touch customer service that sends a message to would-be thieves that you’re on the lookout and will catch those who leave the store without paying for merchandise.

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Frequently asked loss prevention questions

What is loss prevention in retail?

Loss prevention in retail refers to the actions a retail business takes to reduce theft, fraud, and errors in a business. These preventable losses, caused by human error or deliberate effort, are referred to as shrinkage. The ultimate goal of loss prevention is to eliminate preventable loss and preserve profits. Loss prevention is primarily found in retail but also apples to other businesses.

What are loss prevention guards allowed to do?

Loss prevention personnel can record a crime and assist the police in apprehending a suspect. In certain situations, they are permitted to arrest individuals who they have witnessed commit a crime, including shoplifting.

The Wincon Advantage


We’re a trusted partner to some of the industry’s top retailers. Our goal is to provide a full range of professional and personalized security services tailored to their loss prevention needs.


We provide clients with clear direction and leadership based on more than 30 years of industry experience, operational expertise and ability to deliver effective retail security services.


We focus on quality and communication across every client engagement. By acting with the highest levels of integrity, we’re able to add game-changing value to our security services.

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Let’s discuss your loss prevention needs

We want to help protect your retail business with a customized strategy and service program. Reach out to us today to learn about our approach to delivering retail security services and our other security offerings, from virtual monitoring and mobile patrol to security integration and emergency response planning.