Campus Security Guards for Colleges and Universities

Creating a safe space for students and faculty to live, teach and learn is of the utmost importance to academic institutions. For over 30 years, Wincon has provided campus security services to colleges and universities across Ontario. Our team of highly trained campus security guards works diligently to protect your people and property and to help create a welcoming environment.

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Why Choose Wincon Security?

At Wincon, our team of campus security guards is always prepared for the unexpected scenarios that take place both on and off-campus events. The safety and security of students and guests is always our top priority, a responsibility we take with the utmost seriousness as we deliver our services with skill and efficiency. We’ve provided security for on-campus events ranging from high-profile speaking engagements to social gatherings at high schools, college campuses, student housing and dorms.

Our trusted campus security services cover the following:

  • Open structure buildings patrol
  • Parking services
  • Vehicle threats
  • Food & drink establishments patrol
  • Property theft
  • Student misconduct
  • Campus property and trespasser threats

Campus security guards

Our focus is on enhancing the on-campus experience and the well-being of staff and students while enforcing school policies and procedures. We cater to a range of post-secondary institutions, from small satellite campuses to large, urban universities. We know that each facility presents its own unique set of challenges, so our selection process is tailored to fit your institution with the right security team.

Off campus security guard

Campus Security Services


We’ll ensure the safety and security of your campus using the latest monitoring systems and building access technology across the property.


Our campus security guards offer a secure presence that deters crime and makes employees and occupants feel secure.


Our Virtual Guard remote video monitoring service can help you cut costs without compromising security.


We help educational institutions plan and prepare for a wide range of emergency situations.


Wincon’s Mobile Patrol service is an economical and flexible way to extend security and safety across campuses. Our mobile patrol security guards are specially trained in emergency response techniques and have extensive expertise using life-saving safety equipment.

Frequently asked campus security questions

What is campus security?

Campus security is primarily intended to deter crime and undesired activity and help create a visibly safe and welcoming environment for students, staff, and faculty. Campus Security guards carry out these duties by writing reports, investigating routine incidents such as theft or property damage, issuing access control passes, providing assistance and support to students and staff, and responding to emergencies in a quick and efficient manner.

How do you improve campus security?

The most effective way to improve campus security is to ensure the security strategy is tailored to the needs and mission of each institution. For example, large liberal arts campuses need to support students as they travel between buildings to attend classes, whereas science and engineering schools must ensure students have access to sensitive and regulated information for research. Schools with extensive athletics programs need to implement crowd control measures on game days. All these specifics must be accounted for in order to provide the most effective campus security.

Why is campus security important?

Campus security is essential because it helps prevent crimes from occurring and provides students, staff, faculty, and visitors with a safe environment to live, work, and learn in. This not only helps the university’s reputation it also provides parents and students with a much-needed sense of security.

Why Wincon?


Taking a solutions-oriented approach to your campus security needs and site-specific pre-deployment training allows us to manage situations quickly and effectively.


We take pride in our long-standing client relationships—some for 30 years or more. Consider us a partner in your success.


We hire carefully, recognize performance, compensate above industry standards, and offer career opportunities.


Our campus security teams are carefully trained in systems and procedures for each location before being deployed.


As an integrated solutions provider, we deploy the latest security technology to deliver the protection you need.


Quality assurance oversight and reviews help us provide campus concierge services that exceed client expectations.

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