Industrial Security Services to Protect Your Business

Warehouses and industrial buildings are, by their nature, prone to break-ins, theft, vandalism, and property damage. From logistics to manufacturing, warehousing, and storage, we’ve provided security solutions to clients across the industrial sector for more than 30 years. Our proven industrial security services protect your property, people, and assets using highly trained guards and cutting edge security tools and systems.

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Why Choose Wincon Security?

Safety and security are critical concerns for any industrial business – but maintaining a balance of the two can be incredibly challenging. To help provide the safest and most secure environment for our clients, we use industry-leading integrated security technology, specially trained guards, and bespoke security strategies. We provide a highly adaptable and proactive approach to our security solutions to help meet our client’s evolving security needs.

Our best-in-class industrial security services include:

  • Guarding storage and shipping & receiving facilities, both interior and exterior
  • Monitoring security cameras to identify suspicious activity
  • Manning gatehouses to track shipments and affixing seals to departing trucks & trailers
  • Patrolling yards to prevent unauthorized access
  • Conducting site and safety inspections
  • Providing front-desk security and inspecting incoming deliveries
  • Preventing contamination within the facility, including monitoring chemical spills, fall hazards and correct PPE usage

Industrial and warehouse security specialists

We know that your industrial operations have specific and unique security needs. We use integrated technology systems and employ a team of specially trained security guards to provide tailored security solutions to protect our client’s property, people, and assets. Our security experts review and consult with our clients to develop safety and security programs designed to support every part of their organization.

Industrial security guard on a patrol

Industrial security services


Our uniformed guards offer a secure presence that deters crime and makes employees and occupants feel secure.


Mobile patrol services are an affordable, flexible, and trusted option for organizations that don’t have the budget to employ full-time guards across their facilities.


Our Virtual Guard remote video monitoring service can help you cut costs without compromising security.


As industrial security specialists, we’ll ensure the safety and security of your industrial property using the latest monitoring systems and building access technology across the property.

Frequently asked retail security questions

What type of facility requires industrial security?

Logistics, warehouses, storage, and manufacturing facilities are some of the primary industries that require specialized industrial security solutions. Facilities located in remote areas with open perimeters, facilities that must follow strict health and safety regulations and facilities that deal with shipping, receiving, and storing a high volume of goods can benefit greatly from industrial security services.

What is the main purpose of security management?

The primary aim of security management is to help make industrial operations more successful. This involves strategies that build confidence with shareholders, customers, and stakeholders and prevent damage to the brand, losses, and business disruptions.

Why is industrial security important?

In the industrial sector, the cost of theft and vandalism can be high. Safety is also critical to the successful operations of a business. A quality security team and security tools and systems help enhance safety programs and create safer, more secure, and cost-efficient working conditions.

Why Wincon?


Taking a solutions-oriented approach to your industrial security needs combined with site-specific pre-deployment training allows us to manage situations quickly and effectively.


We take pride in our long-standing client relationships—some for 30 years or more. Consider us a partner in your success.


We hire carefully, recognize performance, compensate above industry standards and offer career opportunities.


Our industrial security guards are carefully trained in systems and procedures for each location before being deployed.


As an integrated solutions provider, we deploy the latest security technology to deliver the protection you need.


Quality assurance oversight and reviews help us provide industrial security services that exceed client expectations at a reasonable cost.

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