Condo Security and Concierge Services

Protecting a condo community requires the help of a condo concierge security service provider that puts a focus on the resident experience. At Wincon, our condo security and condo concierge services are designed with a focus on proactive risk mitigation, strategic planning and the integration of cutting-edge security technology to protect your people and property.

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Why Choose Wincon Security?

Whenever they set foot on your property, our condo security and condo concierge teams are dedicated to ensuring that condo managers, residents and guests alike have a positive experience. Wincon condo security guards are courteous, polite, always come prepared in uniform and receive full pre-deployment training prior to arriving on site. Our comprehensive daily briefings and full supervisory oversight ensure that your needs are met with adaptable, flexible service.

Clients choose Wincon Security because we:

  • Deliver comprehensive risk assessments and customized condo security strategies
  • Are adaptable and flexible, prioritizing your needs and scheduling requirements
  • Provide ongoing training to our condo security guards and condo concierge teams
  • Focus on both proactive risk mitigation and reactive reporting and incident response
  • Prioritize client communication and deliver daily report logs to keep you fully informed

Condo concierges across Toronto and the GTA

Whether it’s the guard on patrol or the hard-working concierge in the lobby, our condo security and condo concierge teams are carefully screened and specially trained to manage the unique security needs of your Toronto condominium property—all while serving your residents with a level of professionalism and personal accountability that’s unrivaled in our industry.

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Condominium Security Services


Our uniformed and engaged condo security guards offer a secure presence that keeps your residents safe, secure and satisfied with their concierge experience.


Our Virtual Guard remote video monitoring service helps condominium property managers, residents and landlords reduce costs without compromising security.


We’ll ensure the safety and security of your condo using the latest monitoring systems and building access technology across the property.


Our concierge security service offers a turnkey experience, while our concierge security guards are fully trained in everything from tenant relations to emergency response.

Frequently asked condo security and concierge questions

What does a condo concierge do?

A condo concierge security team not only protects your condominium building or complex, but helps to nurture a positive resident and guest experience at every turn. When properly trained, condo concierge guards not only accept packages and greet guests in the lobby, they also manage critical functions such as emergency response, building evacuation procedures, risk mitigation and mechanical systems operation.

How much does condo security cost?

There is no one-size-fits-all pricing model for condo security or condo concierge teams. The size and scope of a building—or complex—along with a range of other factors (e.g., whether 24-hour coverage is required, the number of guards needed throughout the day or night) will all determine the cost of condo security. Contact a member of our sales team for a customized quote tailored to your condo security needs.

What makes Wincon a leading condo security company in Ontario?

We take pride in the fact that our condo security and condo concierge teams are engaged, and dedicated and will work tirelessly to ensure your full satisfaction. We have lower-than-industry-average employee turnover rates and strong employee culture. Our training programs are some of the best of any condo security company in Toronto. Perhaps most importantly, our condo security guards are prepared to serve the moment they walk onto your property.

How we deliver condominium concierge security services?

While we have standardized systems and processes that have been perfected over 30 years in business, we leverage the passion and dedication of our condo security guards and condo concierge security teams to do the very best job—every time.

Why Wincon?


Taking a solutions-oriented approach to your condo security needs combined with site-specific pre-deployment training allows us to manage situations quickly and effectively.


We take pride in our long-standing client relationships—some for 30 years or more. Consider us a partner in your success.


We hire carefully, recognize performance, compensate above industry standards and offer career opportunities.


Our condo security guards and condo concierge teams are carefully trained in systems and procedures for each location before being deployed.


As an integrated solutions provider, we deploy the latest security technology to deliver the condo protection you need.


Quality assurance oversight and reviews help us provide condo concierge services that exceed client expectations.

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