Client Testimonials

“The club recently upgraded its security system and video cameras with the latest technology through Wincom Security. From start to finish the service was exceptional and the work was completed on time and on budget with very little disruption.
I would highly recommend Wincom for all of your security requirements.”

Cedar Brae Golf Club

“Wincon security is a responsive and time-efficient team to work with; especially during unexpected emergency situations. They always support and respond to my calls even with short notice. I really appreciate their service and trust them immensely.”

Tracy Lin, Property ManagerMSQ Realty Inc.

“Wincon is an efficient and reliable security partner that has supported our company since day one. They have been able to service a broad range of needs while always remaining flexible, cost-effective and keeping us safe!

Lurline Dunn, Property ManagerRioCan Real Estate

“Wincon has been 100% dedicated to our company and they’ve serviced our property for nearly 15 years. Anytime we have a request, they complete it thoroughly, quickly and efficiently.

Brenda Hooper-Rowland, Operational ManagerJohnson Village

“At all times, we have found that their performance has been of the highest standards. The staff has always been courteous and efficient. The guards that have been present on our sites are long-term employees of Wincon which gives us confidence when we see the same people turn up at a future corporation where we may engage their services.”

Chris Antipas, President & CEO360 Community Management Lmt

“The security guards/concierge personnel provided have been exceptionally trained and knowledgeable in all aspects of condominium’s services and requirements. The guards are always polite and attentive to our resident’s needs while maintaining the overall safety and implementing Condominium’s regulations…”

Marina Makogan, Property ManagerDaniels Home Management

“Wincon installed a flood and fire monitoring system in my new home, and it reduced my insurance premiums!!! The whole process was straightforward, easy, and they took care of everything. 100% would recommend.”

Barbara CollinsHome Owner

“Thank you, Wincon. My wife wanted a new alarm system for our home, so I had to get a new alarm system for our home. We used Wincon Security and the whole process was easy and painless. The system they set us up with allows me to control the alarm system remotely through my phone. 100% easiest alarm system I have ever used.”

Frank Johnstone

“Where we live, it is very dark at night, and visibility on our property is poor. Wincon Installed cameras with great night vision and we are able to view footage live on our phones from anywhere in the world. This helps us sleep at night, knowing we can see the whole property by simply looking at our phones. Thanks”

Ione Staley

“My husband works late a lot, so we installed a new camera system on the outside of the house. Now I can see my whole property day or night without leaving my house. I feel a lot safer at home alone with my two small children now. Wincon highly recommend Thank you.”

Francine Wallcot

“I am a Uber delivery driver. I had a delivery for 8081 Birchmount road in Markham. I was unable to find parking in front of the building and I did not know where the visitor parking was located. I did not want to park on the road and get ticketed. Then the security of the building came to my rescue. He not only guided me to the visitor parking area but also was so polite and humble. I have been delivering food for a very long time and I have seen the worst and most rude security in most places. A big shout out to the guard who helped me. The person who helped me had a Wincon Security logo on his uniform so I thought to take some time and appreciate the person here.”

Rozy Mukheja


Staff Testimonials

“Working for almost 10 years should tell you how a lot about the Company.

Professional and responsive to you.

You will learn a lot not only about the Job, Company but also about yourself, Management is there for you and cares about your well-being.

Built on Service not only for clients but also staff.

As the company tag says, built on service driven by culture.”

William Richardson

“I’ve been working with Wincon Security for almost 7 years now, and I can tell how amazing they are. I really love the company’s work culture and ethics. I never felt once felt alienated working at Wincon, I always feel like I belong to this incredible company.
Huge kudos to the 24/7 available Ryadh and Peter team who always help me and the managers is pillars of this company and the best support for all employees. As an employee and a representative of the company, I realize how much effort the company has put in its employees to make sure their clients’ needs are fulfilled. Huge thumbs up to Wincon!”

Kiruba Thiru

“I have been with this company for a year now as loss prevention. I have been good to the company and have been treated well in return. In my experience, it’s hard to find a good security company. At Wincon my boss has helped me out numerous times with days I’ve needed off on short notice and I’ve also had bad luck sometimes and had to leave work early and was paid the whole shift(of course that’s circumstantial). I show up to my shifts on time and work hard which has gotten me an increase in my hourly wages. I wrote this review because I have been treated well which is the reason I will continue to work here.”

Paul L.

“I’ve been working with Wincon Security in Toronto for almost a year and I have to say that they are a great company to work for, always on time with the pay, flexible schedule and they’re very understanding, lots of locations to pick from. Great way to start my law enforcement career path.”

Michael Jiminez

“Wincon Security is an excellent place to work. The staff and management are very professional and supportive at all times. It is an excellent place for growth and experience.”

Maanoj Raviraj

“Love working for them in all aspects Professional Understanding and helpful hours are excellent.”

Tony Spadafora

“I’m with Wincon for the past 2 years. I’m thankful to them for giving me an opportunity to start my work journey with them and it’s also a great company to start your experience with. Personally, I have seen growth in myself by working with the company. I have noticed changes in myself in terms of communication, interpersonal, professionalism, and security-related skills which are all due to the opportunity provided to me by Wincon Management. Management is always helpful and listens to site concerns with providing solutions as well.

The scheduling department is also helpful with providing me part-time and full-time schedules as requested.

Overall, a great company to work with to sharpen your skills.”

Nisarg Patel

“Good company to work for. If you come in and work hard, you will find no problem with the job.”


“Professional environment, amazing staff and management, and above all ready to help you with what you want! I have been working with this company from last 4 years and have seen the positive expansion of the company. The most amazing thing is the flexible schedule which supports you all the time.

I strongly recommend Wincon if you’re looking for a long-term career or a transitioning job in the security field.”

Anoop A.

“Wincon Security is a top-tier security company. You’re not just a number here. The managers are kind, and personable and treat you with respect. They’re available 24/7 to help and make you feel comfortable in whichever workspace you’re placed at. They give you the tools to succeed and the trainers are knowledgeable and welcoming. You also get paid for training!”


“Great company! The operation managers are always willing to support and assist with needs in the best possible way that they can. Very satisfied with this company and would recommend them as a security company to join or to provide service.”

D Forbe

“Wincon Security is an excellent place to work. The staff and management are very professional and supportive at all times. It is an excellent place for growth and experience.”

Maanoj Raviraj

“My name is James L, and I have been with Wincon Security for over 4 years.
Great management, always supportive and there to assist you.”