Wincon Security awards

December was a month of reflection and celebration — a time to honour the dedication and hard work of Wincon Security employees. This year’s festivities included the recognition of 10 remarkable individuals who achieved significant milestones in their service, along with the 2023 Employee of the Year.

Wincon Security Service Awards

Every year, employees who reach their five-, 10-, 15-, 20-, 25-, or 30-year mark by December 31st are acknowledged. In 2023, a total of 10 employees reached various milestones. The annual Wincon Security Service Awards serve as a testament to the longevity and dedication of Wincon Security’s workforce. It’s a tradition that reinforces the company’s commitment to recognizing and appreciating the contributions of its employees, fostering a sense of pride and loyalty among the team.

The following employees were recognized during the Wincon Security holiday party on December 9:

15 Years
Neal Mitchell, Uniform Security Guard

10 Years
Asif Mehmood, Uniform Security Guard

5 Years
Piranaven Arunthavaselvan, Uniform Security Guard
Sarah Haid, Operations Coordinator
Saleem Harinanan, Uniform Security Guard
Umer Iltaf, Uniform Security Guard
Abdul Khan, Uniform Security Guard
Alexei Kourenkov, Uniform Security Guard
Syed Salahuddin, Security Supervisor
Hardeep Singh, Security Supervisor

Wincon Security Employee of the Year Award

Wincon Security 2023 Employee of the Year award-Nancy Brown - Award Presentation - Nancy Brown 8

Heather Seaton (left), Director of Finance & Administration, with Nancy Brown, 2023 Employee of the Year.

Amidst the celebrations, one individual stood out for her extraordinary contributions – Nancy Brown, the recipient of the prestigious 2023 Employee of the Year award. Although Wincon Security values and celebrates the hard work of all their staff, this award is reserved for someone who exemplifies that extra special dedication throughout the year.

Nancy initially joined Wincon as a consultant in 2005, working diligently for more than a decade behind the scenes, ensuring that the company’s staff received accurate and timely payments. In August 2019, she took on a full-time role as the Payroll and Accounting Specialist, showcasing unparalleled dedication. Nancy has played an essential role in managing Wincon’s finances, including handling payroll, remittances, and accounting responsibilities.

Despite her somewhat reserved nature, Nancy’s impact was undeniable. Her work ethic and commitment were especially evident during challenging times. Even when under the weather, she prioritized her responsibilities, ensuring that Wincon’s payroll was processed accurately and on time. Her diligence, professionalism, and willingness to bring forward concerns to senior management demonstrated her commitment to Wincon Security’s well-being.

In recognizing both the long-term Service Award recipients and the Employee of the Year, Wincon Security celebrates a culture of excellence and commitment that continues to drive the company’s success. Congratulations to all the recognized employees for their outstanding achievements and contributions to the Wincon Security family.