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Security, Surveillance, and the Latest Tech to Safeguard your stores couple advanced hardware with computer ‘AI’ to unleash the latest in retail security

It’s been a tough couple of years in retail. Inflation continues and product & labour shortages make the future look tough. This blog lays out how the retail security system industry and particularly Wincon have risen to the challenge. This is new. Today we are harnessing the benefits of advanced innovative security hardware coupled with enhanced ‘AI’ to vastly exceed the capabilities of traditional, human-based, retail monitoring systems.

How? The latest 360-degree cameras use IR, motion sensing capabilities and networks sensors to detect people and map their presence in your retail store. The data (processed in real-time by the AI) lets you know not only where people are, but what they are doing and what their behavior indicates about their intentions. Simply browsers – or would be thieves? 

Here are three exciting new technologies we recommend that will help your retail store fight crime:

Axis M30 camera for retail security systems
Enhance your retail security systems with the new Axis M30 panoramic cameras, available through Wincon Security.

1. 3-D Cameras

See everywhere – and halt crimes in progress.

Panoramic security cameras – often referred to as 360° cameras – bring enormous viewing angles and smart technology, allowing you to track people, control your store and be proactive towards theft prevention. 

When attached to a ceiling, these cameras can produce 360° images by blending separate sensors together into one unified image.  Some advanced cameras empower retail owners with useful functions like people counting or heat mapping to show the flow of foot traffic within a store.

Great options to consider for 3-D cameras are the Axis M30 and M42 Dome Camera Series 

These smart cameras give you constant 360 surveillance and outstanding detail, along with the ability to zoom in with a single click.  Image capabilities range from up to 4 MP to 12 MP! Cameras equipped with OptimizedIR (Infrared) Illumination provide exceptional clarity and sharpness even in pitch darkness! 

2. Intelligent Audio Speaker Systems

Hear and be heard for better safety and store operations

Speakers in stores too have been reimagined for today’s challenging retail environment. 

Next generation, IP Speakers now allow for intelligent two-way communication, seamlessly integrating with other security systems (like 3-D cameras) to provide an integrated approach to traffic flow and theft prevention. 

AXIS C1410 Mini speaker for retail security systems.
AXIS C1410 Mini speaker for retail security systems.

Look for two-way IP speakers with built-in microphones to allow ambient listening and talk-back functionality. You can use these for paging announcements to keep everyone informed – and to notify staff of an emergency situation, a customer service need. Speakers like the AXIS C1410 Network Mini Speaker with PIR sensor for motion detection can detect when a shopper is lingering too long in one place and subtly signal a potential situation to staff with a programmed message. The application of this tech is much more than just – “spill in aisle 4”. This can mean calling security to an area where the audio and video equipment has detected suspicious activity in an unmanned area of the store. In short, it allows you to identify theft before it happens –it may be as simple as someone standing beside a specific product too long and calling a staff member to intercede.

Anything you need – from activities triggering warning messages, or live instructions if an intruder has made an incursion. This audio technology can also be used to manage crowded areas and direct people away from potential risks.

Integrated with panoramic cameras, these ceiling audio systems Provide you with total control and awareness. Your retail managers will have eyes and ears on all areas of your facility, in a dynamic, real-time manner. Wincon will recommend a system designed around your specific needs Get more details… 

3. Access Control Systems – the key to a more secure premises

Curb unauthorized entries in a touchless environment.

Better control of who gains access to your store –and where they go once they get inside — is now possible with the latest, leading-edge Access Control Systems. These systems are an integral part of any good retail security system strategy today.  Also, upgrading your system has never been easier with today’s wireless technology. New cloud-based, touchless entry and retail store security systems provide superior defense, and can dramatically reduce in-store crime, while being easy to manage and use. 

The latest versions are keyless entry solutions that give you total control of physical access to only authorized users. You can easily customize these systems to fit your store’s unique needs and protocols and scale up for larger facilities. They integrate seamlessly with other systems such as alarms and cameras. 

When fully implemented, you can expect extraordinary control and heightened security in these areas: 

  • Entrances & Exits – This is where it starts. Control who enters and leaves with integrated visitor access systems connected with both live and automated audio.
  • Sales Floor – In retail, this is the battlefield. Sensors plus AI identify aggressive behavior and send alerts to security.  The speed with which threats are identified and neutralized make a huge difference between success and failure. Vandalism and shoplifting can be significantly reduced through quick detection of loitering.
  • Cash Areas – Access is granted only to authorized individuals in your organization
  • Parking areas – All-weather, vandal-proof, day/night cameras provide reliable protection, round-the-clock for both your customers and your staff. By creating a safe and fully protected environment you can gain trust and better retain both customers and valuable employees.
  • Storage and Loading Areas – “Out-of-sight, out-of-mind” will be a thing of the past in your loading area: access cards, QR codes, tailgating detection, license plate recognition and high-quality video recording of the loading area all mean complete security you can rely on. You can focus on selling, not guarding your receivables.

Dynamic, cloud-based security solutions are here to stay.

Wincon has been at the forefront of retail security system response for 30-plus years.  As a trusted member of your team, Wincon manages your security so you can focus on managing your business.

Our network security solutions today (including cameras, audio, and access control systems) support your business operations in a dynamic and real time manner. From managing store occupancy, queue lengths, or spotting suspicious behaviour – you’ll be able to stay on top of your locations like never before. 

Ultimately this means fewer losses – and more profitability through the delivery of a better customer experience. 

Welcome to an age where you can no longer afford to rely on outdated passive store security. Dynamic, responsive and real time technology solutions – along with well-trained guards — will arm you for retail success – when it comes to both crime prevention, loss reduction — and optimal store operations. 

Winston Stewart, CEO & Founder

Winston Stewart, CEO & Founder

For more than 30 years, Wincon Security has delivered property monitoring and protective services to retail, commercial, industrial and condominium clients across the Greater Toronto Area. You can rest assured all our security guards are fully trained, carefully vetted, and ready to be deployed to keep your assets and people protected in the post-COVID world.


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