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With minimum wage increases, let’s not politicize the issue

The New Year brought with it new challenges for owners of small and medium-sized businesses across Ontario. On January 1st, The Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act—better known as Bill 148—came into effect. The legislation makes significant…
Wincon security guards virtually monitoring large condo building

Wincon Security: Celebrating a successful past and a tech-driven future

A lot has changed in your business since 1992, the year I founded Wincon Security. You’re undoubtedly facing a vastly different array of complex business challenges—particularly where security is concerned. Finding innovative new ways to…
Wincon security guards on mobile patrol duty for commercial building

What Ontario’s minimum wage increase means for your business

When the Ontario government announced plans earlier this year to increase the province’s minimum wage, many small and medium-sized business owners like you were stunned by the pace of change being proposed by the current Ontario government.…
Corporate Security

Commercial Property Management Security Services and Profitability

Today’s commercial property managers, face a variety of challenges, not the least of which are security issues.  These can vary from ensuring that contractors’ activities on site, are not disrupting their tenant’s businesses while also…
police line

Police Investigating Another String of Break and Enters

Police are investigating another string of Break and Enters in Etobicoke. These are unrelated to the break and enters reported earlier. You can find out more here!

Partial Sketch of Suspect Released

Police released this partial sketch of the suspect they believe is responsible for the multiple break-and-enters in Etobicoke. Find out more here.
crime rate

Toronto Has The Lowest Crime Rate ….REALLY?

Last week, many Toronto news outlets reported that Toronto has the lowest crime rate of all the major Canadian cities. This is comforting news. I am sure some of us felt relieved or even re-assured. However, something just doesn’t add up.…
bedroom intruder

Woman Wakes to Find Intruder in Her Bedroom Expert Gives Bad Advice

I’m disturbed by the “expert” advice given at 1:36 in this news story, which is to invite your neighbours over and ask them how they would break into your house. The problem with this advice is your neighbours don’t think like criminals.…