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Condo concierge greeting tenant at front desk

Risk mitigation in condo security: Pre-emptive vs. reactive concierge guarding

It’s often assumed that the role of a condominium concierge security team is to not only provide an outstanding resident experience, but to react when an incident occurs. That’s only partly true. When done right, a security provider should…
Wincon Condo Security Concierge on phone

The importance of an engaged security concierge team

Many of us have watched films set in New York, where well-heeled characters live in Madison or Park Avenue apartment buildings managed by a highly engaged security concierge team that always greets them by name and occasionally steps in to help…
Wincon condo concierge helping guest at front desk

Why security should be a focus of your condominium restoration project

A condominium restoration project is challenging at the best of times. Managing the complexity of large-scale capital repairs or upgrades, and accounting for the sheer number of logistical considerations to eventually arrive at a successful…
Wincon security guard receiving award for performance

Celebrating Wincon Employees of the Year Darrell Chen & Robert Bruce

  Nearly a year ago, our world changed. Few of us knew much, if anything, about the COVID-19 virus that would soon transform our social interactions, our economy and our lives. But we soon got a crash course in epidemiology and terms…
Condo privacy

Cutting-edge tech creates privacy issues for residential communities

Are we living in the most secure era ever? That depends on your definition of the word and the context, but there’s no doubt that today’s security technology has made many of our public and private spaces far safer than in the past. From…
Wincon parcel delivery

As holiday parcel deliveries increase, new challenges emerge for condominium managers

Of the many new business challenges that the coronavirus pandemic has created for organizations, commercial and residential security—specifically across condominium complexes—has been near the top of the list. Property managers and their…
Wincon Security Happy Holidays

Wishing you a happy holiday from the Wincon Security team

It goes without saying that 2020 is a year that many of us will be glad to forget, just as we look forward to a socially-distanced and happy holiday with loved ones. Indeed, the coronavirus pandemic has challenged everyone from individual Canadians…
Wincon Whistleblower Program

Introducing the Wincon Whistleblower program

When we adopted our new company motto last year, we wanted to highlight the value we place not only on providing the very best service to our customers, but also the workplace experience that we offer to our employees. In that sense, ‘Built…
Karen Willis accepts customer service award

Acknowledging the customer service excellence of our Karen Willis

The coronavirus pandemic has reinforced a key feature of our company culture that we’ve long understood, but which became even more obvious in the face of an unprecedented and highly challenging situation: Wincon Security is driven in every…
Wincon employees

A heartfelt ‘thanks’ to our employees for their work throughout COVID-19

  When the COVID-19 outbreak took hold in March, it was difficult to imagine the size and scope of the challenge that lay ahead. Industries ground to a halt as social-distancing measures forced the closure of everything from offices…
Security Strategy

Why you need to prepare a return-to-work security plan now

As lockdown measures are slowly eased across Ontario and the rest of Canada, organizations are preparing to return to the new COVID-19 workplace normal. But nothing is simple when it comes to navigating the uncharted waters of social distancing…
Wincon Condo Security Guards in mobile patrol car

Wincon security is here for you as the coronavirus pandemic escalates

The current emergency situation has evolved rapidly in Canada and around the world with the declaration of the coronavirus pandemic and ever-escalating measures to combat the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Our team has been closely monitoring…
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle - security guard issue

The prince harry and meghan security conundrum: what it takes to protect vips

It’s not easy being royalty. Just ask the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced in January that they’d be stepping back from their royal duties, working towards financial independence and moving to Canada—yes,…
Condominium security - condo building reaching into the sky

Why the condominium property manager shortage is a security challenge, too

The proliferation of condominium properties across the Greater Toronto Area in the past 20 years is truly staggering. Hundreds of thousands of units have been added to Toronto’s housing supply since the 1960s, when legislation allowed for…
Liquor store 1100x617

Addressing liquor store shoplifting requires the right mix of security tactics

Being a retail employee shouldn’t come with constant fears over one’s personal safety and security. But that’s the reality for provincial liquor store employees in parts of Manitoba, in particular those employed at outlets in higher-risk…
Cybersecurity training

Want to make cybersecurity training effective? Customize it

The latest cybersecurity survey by the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) sheds light on the ongoing challenges that organizations of all sizes across industries face in protecting their data and networks from hackers. According…