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Toronto Police Adjust Shoplifting Policy & Security Response Rules

‘Tis the season for spending time with family and friends and the inevitable yuletide spree of shopping and gift-giving. Suburban malls and high-street stores are jammed in the lead-up to the holidays, as Torontonians make a final festive retail push before taking a breather and preparing for Boxing Week bargain bonanzas. Unfortunately, this is also […]

Why condos need to balance concierge service with security

Walk into most of Toronto’s new mid-tier or luxury condos and you’ll almost certainly be greeted at the security desk by the smile of a friendly concierge, who’s likely to offer a ‘hello,’ and ask who you’re visiting if you’re a non-resident. There are times, however, when their attention is diverted and not focused on […]

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How to prepare a disaster and response emergency action plan

An emergency can happen anywhere, anytime. A fire, flood, natural disaster, an incident involving a disgruntled employee threatening violence. Preparing for an emergency is critical to ensuring the safety and security of employees or residents across your properties. But if that’s the case, why are so few commercial property owners prepared to handle just such […]

Climate change and security go hand in hand. Here’s how

Millions of Canadians took to the streets this past week in a ‘strike’ to protest and raise awareness around climate change. Some retailers—in particular those espousing environmentally-conscious values and business models—even closed their stores for a day in support. It’s reasonable to assume that at least a handful of those placard-carrying, green-minded citizens are concerned […]

Cyber security and technology: Balancing the need for privacy and protection

When news broke recently that the Swedish Data Protection Authority fined a local municipality more than USD $20,000 for privacy violations, it marked the emergence of a potential new front in the struggle to balance privacy rights and security requirements. Under the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)—sweeping legislation that governs everything from website […]

Ransomware demands are paralyzing municipalities. Will your business be next?

You know a situation is bad when even local governments are calling in the IT cavalry for help. But that’s the reality for municipalities struggling to combat increasingly frequent ransomware attacks that are targeting towns and cities across North America. The problem is so severe that the Association of Municipalities of Ontario—a body that represents […]


Do your employees work remotely? Beware the security risks

With only specific industry exceptions, the days of your entire staff sitting in the same office—or in boardrooms taking meetings—at once, are largely gone. Nowadays, knowledge-economy workforces are becoming increasingly mobile, as employees continue to seek greater flexibility to work from home (or wherever they choose). The tacit agreement is that even though their hours […]